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We all appreciate these tips and tricks that can save us time and money every day. But did you know that there are things that most of us do a certain way, even when it’s wrong, just because we’re used to it?

Well, today I want to change the way you look at things, because now you can start doing better things.

  1. Use that tab

culinary beast
I don’t know why it’s so hard to remember that soda comes with its own straw handle. No more straws! Get it?

  1. Last drop of ketchup

Are you always fighting for that last glass of ketchup? Just touch the embossed “57” under the collar.

  1. Don’t push it

If you squeeze the juice box too much, it can make a mess, but if you use the provided handle, it’ll be golden.

  1. Peel the oranges in a moment

Oranges are very refreshing but difficult to peel. I wish I had known about this hack to save me so much time.

  1. Cold as ice

Imgur | nominal network
Wrap a damp paper towel around your beer and refrigerate for 15 minutes when you’re in a rush.

  1. I scream for ice cream

Reddit | Corbin Montego
Is your ice cream always hard when you want to eat it? Use a ziplock bag for a smooth finish.

  1. Dustpan to the rescue

Reddit | mrfitzy
Oh, is this hacked or what? If you can’t fit a bucket under the sink, the trash can can act as a funnel. Great!

  1. Hamburger making technique

YouTube | culinary beast
Who knew there was a right way to eat a burger? If you can stretch your fingers, you can too. I have to try this.

  1. Put a fork in it

Instagram | @twelve_point
Isn’t it annoying to always have milk to crush your Oreos with? Not anymore. Awesome balls!

  1. Meaty bites

Reddit | Laura Jesson
Wow, talk about maxing out a bologna sandwich. I would never eat my sandwich any other way. I’m sold! Really?

  1. Sushi lover

ginger king
If you’re eating ginger on your sushi, you’re thinking wrong. Ginger is meant to be sliced ​​and eaten as a palette cleanser. Interesting!

  1. Cheetos lover

Reddit | enobit
Ah Cheetos, my favorite movie snack. But don’t you hate it when you get a yellow finger? Well, apparently that’s what chopsticks are for!

  1. Monkey Business

Learn how a chimpanzee peels a banana from the experts. They will peel not from above, but from below!

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