6 reasons why your sweat smells bad

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Body odor can make us uncomfortable and sometimes put us in strange situations. A recent news story about a crash landing where a passenger’s strong body odor caused others to vomit showed just how unpleasant body odor can be. The main cause of body odor is sweat, but there are many other causes besides body odor. The causes of body odor range from genetics to eating habits. It includes:

02/7 Bacteria

Bacteria: There are two types of sweat glands in our body, eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine glands help regulate body temperature, and secretions from eccrine glands are found throughout the body. It consists of salt and water and is usually odorless. Apocrine glands are located near hair follicles, genitals, armpits, and scalp. It causes thick sweat, formed as a result of proteins and lipids. When bacteria reach the apocrine glands, they cause a chemical reaction and emit an unpleasant odor. It causes body odor, and we tend to notice our body odor when we are exposed to high temperatures, stressed, or anxious.

03/7 Your body weight

YOUR BODY WEIGHT: Another cause of body odor is your body weight. Generally, overweight people have bad body odor. This is due to the additional effort required to complete the task. It also allows sweat to accumulate in the thick layer of the skin and allow bacteria to multiply.

04/7 Stress

Stress: This reason may surprise you, but stress makes your body sweat. When stressed, it causes the sweat glands to sweat, causing body odor.

05/7 Fish smell syndrome

FISH ODOR SYNDROME: This is a rare disease characterized by the unpleasant body odor of fish. This odor affects breath, urine and sweat and is believed to be caused by faulty genes. Taking certain measures such as maintaining good hygiene, avoiding stress, and using antiperspirants can help reduce body odor.

06/7 Certain medications and medical conditions

CERTAIN MEDICATIONS AND MEDICAL CONDITIONS: There are certain medical conditions that can cause body odor. Drugs like antidepressants make your body smell funny. Certain health conditions can also cause body odor, including kidney and liver disease, diabetes, and bacterial overgrowth on the skin. You should try to keep your skin clean and wear breathable clothing to allow sweat to escape.

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