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Angels are non-physical beings that vibrate at a different frequency than we do. These spiritual guardians are always trying to guide our actions and introduce us to the thoughts we need. It all depends on your mental and emotional abilities. Are you ready to believe in the forces trying to stop humanity from its cold, destructive hands?
Are you seeing patterns outside the norm?
How these guardians come to protect and care for us is a mystery. I believe this mystery is an integral part of the infinite universe.
As for the element of infinity, we all see different answers. Regardless of how one perceives the truth, the image of angels remains for a long time.

Usually not manifesting as a physical projection, but in a more subtle form. The seven methods listed below are the most common methods reported by people around the world.
Temperature change
For unknown reasons, the room may become warm or cold. The vibrations of the angels cause the molecules in the air to slow down and speed up, resulting in changes in temperature. Pay attention to what you are doing or thinking and feel what you are saying.
inexplicable smell
Have you ever been home or in a random, hard-to-find desert and experienced something amazing?
If you can smell a very pleasant scent that doesn’t match your surroundings, you may be touched by an angel.
The sense of smell is a powerful sense closely related to memory. What did you feel? What did you think?
A voice murmuring at you
Although this is an absolute indicator that you’re a bat, it’s a good thing in that sense! You are open to the world’s attitude while others remain closed. Listen to them, but listen to your intuition, there are many applicants …
A colored light will appear
Shooting light or rays around you is a clear sign of the presence of angels. You may notice sparks of light or become acutely aware of the shadows around you. Do not be afraid. Angels do not want to harm you. This usually indicates that they are trying to contact you directly from their plan.
surprise feather
Do you have feathers around you for some reason? Didn’t you specifically look for it? This is a sign that they are close and attentive to you.
Communicating through dreams
You may not remember your dreams, but you will be lighter, stronger, and more confident in your direction. Be sure to search again to make sure it’s not your Facebook stalker. Feelings are accompanied by confidence and love.
When you’re alone, it feels like someone is in the room with you, but you’re not afraid to trust your instincts. Your angels are trying to protect and comfort you.

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