8 signs that the body is not getting enough water

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  1. Thirst, thirst, more thirst
    This usually happens when you are thirsty and already slightly dehydrated.

In this state, you can develop the language of the desert. Your brain can send a “YES” signal to a glass of water. Then you decide to drink a glass of water or something.

Don’t forget that these sugary drinks are a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

  1. Dry cracked lips and dry mouth
    This is the most common sign that your body is not getting enough water.

A dry, sticky, unpleasant feeling in the mouth and a lack of saliva indicate a lack of water in the body.

A glass of H2O not only lubricates the lining of the mouth and throat, but also increases saliva production after the first sip!!

  1. Decreased urination
    If you don’t urinate frequently or go to the bathroom 4-7 times a day, this is a sign of dehydration.

When urinating frequently, the urine is not abundant, dark in color and smelly.

In extreme cases, dehydration can lead to urinary tract infections!

  1. Fast heartbeat
    When you are dehydrated, your breathing and heart rate may be faster than normal.
  2. Dry skin
    Dry and dull skin is one of the first signs of complete dehydration.

If you are one of those people who don’t drink water regularly, it reduces sweat production. It reduces your body’s ability to flush out and eliminate excess dirt and toxins that have accumulated throughout your body.

If you want to prevent these successes, your first resource is to drink enough water.

  1. Joint pain
    Our spinal discs and cartilage are 80% water. Water is essential to keep our bones from wearing down with every step.

Joints need water to absorb shock during sudden movements.

  1. Your eyes are dry
    Drinking less water can make your eyes dry and red. Dehydration can cause dry tear ducts.
  2. You feel lethargic or tired.
    When your body is dehydrated, it draws water from the blood, and a lack of hydrated blood can reduce the supply of oxygen throughout the body, causing fatigue and weakness.

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