9 Things ΜΕΝ Don’t Find Attractive WOMEN

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After the grocery store cashier made a comment while we were talking, I was really embarrassed about damaging my hair. I was a little surprised that someone standing in front of me for 27 seconds recognized my hair texture so quickly just by looking at me.

I asked myself, “Do men really notice these things in women?” I thought for a long time that men would never change the hairstyle and clothes they chose that day, but I was wrong.

Here are some things that men notice that women find extremely unpleasant.

  1. Too much makeup

I’m talking about “cake face” and it just screams. It’s best to keep your makeup natural and simple. Makeup doesn’t need to cover your face, it just brings out your natural beauty.

  1. Randomness

Women who expose a lot of skin are the center of attention. Your attire should convey respect and class, and it should allow the men in your life to want to know you as a person and not as someone.

  1. Dry skin

In the eyes of men, women are soft and gentle. This image is destroyed the moment it touches the scaly skin. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or effort to use a lotion that will make your skin smooth and moisturized.

  1. Drama nails

While this trend of glittery, dramatic nails may be popular in the media, men aren’t exactly happy with the new trend. Such nails require special attention; Choosing a basic neutral color is an easy way to keep it feminine without going overboard.

  1. Crying

Nobody hates a person who complains all the time. At least cry; it will set you apart from other women.

  1. Poor posture

Work hard at your position. When walking, try not to slouch and lean forward, choose an elegant and confident step. It will attract men’s attention.

  1. Too much perfume

Covering your natural scent with perfume is an easy way to impress men.

  1. Curse

Don’t use bad words. No man likes rude and harsh words. A gentleman wants to be with a lady, but the lady doesn’t care.

  1. Styled hair

Just imagine: he leans in for a kiss, grabs your head with both hands, and gets a handful of sticky gel in return. Not with hard, fixed hair, but gently work the owner’s hands.

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