A delicious, simple and quick cake for any occasion without an oven. You cannot miss this recipe!

A delicious, simple and quick cake for any occasion without an oven. You cannot miss this recipe! Photo: Facebook video capture @Cookrate – Romania

We all want to have the best cake without much effort in preparing it. Today we present to you a very simple and quick recipe for a delicious cake without baking!

the components:

Crushed biscuits – 500 gm

Butter – 50 gm

Banana – 500 gm

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For cream:

Vanilla custard powder – 80 gm

Milk – 500 ml

Sugar – 100 gm

Cream – 300 ml

Banana – 2 pieces

For freezing:

Butter – 30 gm

Milk – 70 ml

Cocoa – 70 gm

sugar – 30 g

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Cake for any occasion without an oven – method of preparation

In a bowl, grind the bananas until they become a smooth paste. We can do this with a vertical mixer. Add melted butter on top and mix until combined.

In another bowl, mix crushed biscuits with cocoa. Then pour the mixture over the banana mixture with melted butter. Mix it well until it becomes a paste, and divide it into three equal parts.

We take the three parts of the dough and put them evenly in separate trays, lined with baking paper, with removable edges with a diameter of 20 cm. Put them in the fridge for an hour. After you take it out of the fridge, remove the removable edges and start assembling the cake.

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We must make the cream by mixing the liquid cream until it becomes solid. Then put the milk in a saucepan on the fire and add the sugar and pudding powder. My heart with a paddle until the candy is formed.

Remove from heat and place the pudding on top of the cream, stirring again. When ready, put the cream on the first sheet of cake and banana slices. Repeat the process until all cake slices are ready.

Finally, we have to prepare the ice. Put a saucepan on the fire and mix sugar, cocoa, milk and butter. When ready, decorate cake as desired with this delicious cream.

Put the cake in the fridge for three hours and you’re done! Bon appetite!

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Source: FacebookCookrate – Romania

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