Anna Lesko and GIM Team Up and Find the Perfect Recipe for ‘Guleala’

Anna Lesko and GIM united and found the perfect recipe for “Guleala”, a new single, with lyrics in Ukrainian and Romanian, about a pure love story, which can only be found in fairy tales.

Press release: “Guleala” by Kosti with Anna Lesko and Jim, is based on the love that is born between a Ukrainian and a Roman and shows the world that no matter what life’s obstacles, love can grow and overcome anything. Because in two, any challenge becomes easier.

“The song ‘Guleala’ is written in both Romanian and Ukrainian, and it is a beautiful love story, which maintains its intensity regardless of obstacles, and has a positive vibe, as it is transmitted through the video full of color and excitement,” Anna says.

“We just learned it at the time. In fact, her message and lyrics are a promise to me. And the chorus moves me more and makes me think about the person I love. A ballad, a calm and emotional song,” adds GIM about this song.

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Anna began collaborating with producer Kosti, and in the summer of 2020 she released with Culiță Sterp “Ivanko”, a successful single in Ukrainian and Romanian about a pure love story. In a short time, the song reached the top positions in Trending and collected more than 27 million views on YouTube. This was followed by a new collaboration with Costi, this time with a unique formula: with Emy Alupei, Anda Adam, Cream and Minodora. Queens, as Kosti calls her, released Our Good, and the song has already garnered more than eight million views on YouTube. “Place” followed, along with Iancu Sterp, Emily Burghelea and RA.

GIM earned a Golden Buzz in the preselections for Romanians having a talent, after Florin Călinescu decided to award it. The young man could not believe what was happening to him, he hung on stage for minutes, after the amazing surprise presented to him by the jury. Upon reaching the final, Gintan Eun Mihai sang a song with a powerful message. On the eve of the holidays, GIM and 7EVEN released “Vino Doamne”, a song with a sensitive message about kindness and humanity.

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