Apple and Nutella Tart is a simple recipe with only 5 ingredients. In short, it’s FA-BU-LOA-SĂ!

Apple and Nutella Tart is an original dessert, combining the goodness of homemade cake made only with apples, with the irresistible taste of the world’s most famous nut cream.

An apple and Nutella tart is a delicious and soft dessert that is easy to make. To the mixture of eggs, sugar, oil and flour, add the apples cut into small pieces. Just before baking, spread Nutella and some fruit slices on top and it’s ready.

This is a recipe for the whole family, especially for the little ones who will enjoy this cake for a happy breakfast or an original snack where it will be impossible to say no.

22 cm cake pan ingredients

– 3 eggs

140g of icing sugar

– 100 grams of sunflower oil

– 300 grams of flour

– 16 grams of baking powder

– 400 grams of apples

– 200 grams of Nutella

Apple and Nutella tart. How to prepare.

Beat eggs and granulated sugar with an electric mixer until mixture is light and creamy. Then pour in sunflower oil, sifted flour and baking powder. The flour and baking powder must be sifted, because in this way there is no risk of lumps forming in the mixture.

Peel and grate the pumpkin and squeeze the lemon juice.

Transfer the mixture to a cake tin of 22 cm diameter, greased with butter and sprinkled with flour.

Spread Nutella evenly on top and finally arrange thin slices of apple in a circle. Bake in a ventilated oven, preheated to 180 degrees, for 55-60 minutes.

After this cooking time, take a toothpick and make sure the cake is ready.

Allow the apple and Nutella tart to cool, transfer to a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving.

Tips for the perfect dessert

If you want the dough to be softer, you can add 50 grams of potato starch and use 250 grams of flour.

This apple and Nutella tart is great for kids’ breakfast, accompanied by a glass of milk: full of energy with a touch of sweetness!

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