Cake diploma with fruits and cream

First, moisten the gelatin in 100 ml of pineapple compote syrup. It is necessary to use compote, both for fruit and for syrup.

Put the whole eggs with the sugar in a saucepan. Place the pot on top of another, larger pot, where you will add the hot water. Make sure the water does not touch the pan of eggs and sugar. Place the pans over the burner flame on medium intensity. Using a fork in the shape of a pear, intensively mix the eggs with the sugar until the ingredients are homogeneous.

Make sure to stir the egg cream constantly. It is important that it does not come to a boil so that it does not turn into an omelette. The cream should be hot at 80°C and thick like pudding. Remove the bowl of cream from the water and let the egg cream cool.

Add wet gelatin to the warm cream. Stir vigorously until gelatin is dissolved and evenly incorporated into the cream. Also in the hot egg cream, add candied orange peel, as well as drained fruit from compote and freshly cut into cubes.

Meanwhile, whip the whipped cream until thick. Then gently incorporate it into the cream of the fruit eggs.

How to prepare a wonderful diploma cake with fruits and cream

Use a cake pan with a diameter of 25 cm and a removable ring. Cover the inside of the form with new foil. At the base of the figure, but also on the walls of the ring, place slices of finely chopped fruit. Moisten with compote syrup to stick to chips. You can choose to wrap the cake with biscuits.

Spread a third of the cream over the base of the fruit. Put champagne biscuits on top of the cream, then gently pass through the compote syrup. Spread the second part of the cream and continue with the biscuit, then again with the cream and again with the biscuit. Let the cake cool for 5-6 hours, then you can turn it on the plate and carefully remove the foil.

We recommend slicing the cake the next day after putting it in the fridge for a few hours.

Piece of diploma cake with fruits and cream on a brown plate
The diploma cake was cut into nicer slices the next day / shutterstock

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