Delicate yogurt cake. Cheap recipe, easy to prepare, and the result is delicious

Delicate yogurt cake is one of the most classic recipes for when you feel like dessert. It is a versatile and inexpensive recipe.

This delicate yogurt cake is made without butter, but it comes out soft due to the presence of white yogurt in the composition.

It is a very versatile recipe and can be made to everyone’s taste. Chocolate or berries can be added without a prescription. Another option is to use fruit-flavored or coffee-flavored yogurt instead of neutral yogurt.

This soft, versatile and inexpensive yogurt cake is perfect to enjoy at breakfast or as a healthy and nutritious snack for the little ones.

Fluffy yogurt cake only needs a few ingredients, many of which, no doubt, you already have in your cupboard. Here’s how:

Ingredients (in the form of a 22 cm cake)

– 270 grams of flour

125gm white yogurt

– 200 grams granulated sugar

– 90 grams of sunflower oil

– 30 ml milk

3 eggs at room temperature

– 16 grams of baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring (or grated lemon peel)

How to make the best fluffy yogurt cake

First, we break the eggs into a bowl and begin to mix with an electric mixer, gradually adding granulated sugar. When the mixture becomes creamy, pour milk and sunflower oil.

Season the mixture with a teaspoon of vanilla or lemon peel and add the white yogurt. Mix everything well.

Sift and add flour and baking powder. Mix all ingredients well using a mixer again.

Meanwhile, turn on the oven to preheat it.

Transfer the mixture to a hinged form, previously greased with butter and flour, with a diameter of 22 cm and bake in a ventilated oven at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes (in a stationary oven for another 5-10 minutes).

At the end of the cooking time, we conduct a toothpick test: if it comes out dry, then the fluffy yogurt cake is ready.

Leave to cool and decorate with icing sugar.

Yogurt cake is ready to be enjoyed!

Bon appetite!

Tips for the perfect dessert

This delicate yogurt cake is very simple and delicate and can be served with any type of frosting. You can also add chocolate chips or various flavors (vanilla, orange, lemon, etc.) to the composition. You can also use fruit yogurt to make the dough more flavorful.

You can make another version of this quick cake with yogurt by adding chocolate.

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