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Lyubov slepa, this is well known. Often, people in love tend to make the most insane choice, which they later regret bitterly. That’s why, when you enter the more harsh waters of marriage and joint life, you need to think not only about the big thing, that speaks to your heart.

It is very important to choose the mudro with whom you are going to spend your life. Even if you accept the wrong decision, divorce is possible, but who wants to do it? On the contrary, caution and awareness of some habits can prevent many problems and troubles.

If your significant other demonstrates these 15 behavior patterns, you should definitely reconsider your choice and think twice before getting married.

I trust you
Что такое основія, как не единство музыкого доверия? If you never gave your partner a reason to be unreliable, and he still checks your phone and sets restrictions for your friends, you should definitely be careful.

This habit will worsen as soon as you get married, and in the end you will start living a life full of restrictions and flashes of jealousy for no reason. You wouldn’t want your children to know that you can’t trust very close people by default.

Hatred animals
Who doesn’t love animals? Of course, you can be afraid of some animals for many reasons. But if you don’t like animals, you’ll begite. People who hate animals demonstrate a lack of kindness and compassion.

This rude and negligent attitude to things that never hurt you means that he can’t be a great father either. In general, people who don’t like animals are selfish.

On ne program i program
Every couple has an agreement on which they base their everyday life. These generally accepted rules are what make relationships flourish and grow. Simple household chores, such as cooking, cleaning, buying products, and finding time for each other — these are the things that make up healthy relationships.

If he does not follow the agreements and always finds a serious reason for this, know that he will not stop letting you down. And don’t forget that actions speak louder. If he doesn’t start working on the common good, he won’t learn to break it.

The year breaks promises
Agreement is one thing, promise is another. If he breaks his promises, don’t wait for him to find out about it when you get married. Saying “yes” means that you are ready to put up with who you are, and it’s easy to change your relationship.

Obeschanie means obligation. If he can’t dedicate himself to you, what’s the use of this to you?

On daet vam secondary treatment
Tratit vremya with someone who doesn’t want to be with you completely, — that’s not what you want in your life. Being in relationships does not mean that “official” status and physical presence are sufficient.

If he doesn’t care about the relationship and doesn’t try to make it as good as possible, he will never start. So don’t lose time and don’t deceive yourself, because it will change and disappear.

He thinks that he is perfect
Nobody is ideal. Confidence is one thing, and tyranny and narcissism are something you don’t want to be around. If he can’t recognize his mistakes and work with me to be better than he was yesterday, then you have problems.

If he thinks that he is always right, he expects that you will constantly correct yourself and change everything in yourself to match his picture of the world. Eta uzost and lack of compromises will eventually wear you down and leave you with an empty shell.

Оправдания, оправдания
Конечно, ne vse может идти гластом, и оборудование на вещение вещи есть веские прикусы. But if he always finds excuses in everything, then he is simply not so much in you, but in the big things that he planned and ignored in relation to you.

Find someone who will do everything possible to match your relationship and your mutual agreement. In the opposite case, you will find yourself thrown at the whim of fate. You wouldn’t want this, right?

The year reveals old boy
Ssora — this is great in relationships, if it is connected with the current problem and it is directed to its solution. But if he brings up old disputes, he is simply trying to distract your attention from the real problem and disorient your perception.

Podnyatie old quarrels and conflicts vnosit v odnosti mnogo negativa, i eto nik k chemu ne vyvodt. This simply indicates a high dose of immaturity and a desire to “control” the situation, putting you in the position of a victim without a valid reason.

He doesn’t dare to talk to you
Neponimanie v odnostiakh — this is normal. Finally, there are two identical people. What is important is the ability and willingness to discuss and discuss issues so that both of us can understand each other’s point of view.

If he doesn’t bother discussing things with you and ignores what you want to say, it shows how important your opinion is to him.

n and approach to problems. This will lead to unresolved issues and eventually lead to major relationship problems.

He is lying
White lies are always acceptable as long as they don’t harm the relationship. However, lying about big things is dangerous and will happen again and again.

If he cheated on you and broke your trust by lying, it will be difficult for you to sleep happy and confident in your relationship. You don’t want to start worrying about what he does when he’s not with you or what he hides from you.

He’s too clingy
Obsessive men tend to do anything to spend all their time with their partner. It’s nice to have someone truly love you, but trading off your dreams and ambitions for the thought that being with you is enough can get very messy.

Eventually, you’ll lose your way into the world like him, and you’ll both end up with a mediocre life. You need to find someone who is independent, whole, but chooses to be with you because you complete them.

He hates his family
Family is important. No matter how different they are, hatred should not be a part of them. If he learns to hate his parents, he does not know the true meaning of being a family member.

If he doesn’t understand and appreciate how much his family has contributed to his life, he won’t understand how much he has to invest in his family when he has children. Neither you nor your children want to continue the cycle.

He is prone to dangerous addictions
Whether it’s gambling, drinking, or drugs, it’s a big problem for that family. Families are homeless because of this addiction.

If he is addicted to something that is dangerous to himself or others, try to help him get rid of it, or get out of his way. I don’t want you or your children to suffer because of this.

he is immature
Taking responsibility for something is very important. Sometimes things go wrong due to circumstances beyond his control, but if he always blames others for his problems, he’s just being childish.

If he is stubborn, impatient, arrogant, and arrogant, you shouldn’t mess with him either.

he is insulting
This is the worst behavior. If he hits you once, he’ll hit you a second time. Don’t leave, look back! Abused spouses harm not only their partners, but also their families.

Then it doesn’t have to be physical. He can abuse you emotionally, financially, whatever. Any abuse is unacceptable and you should leave when you can.

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