Early signs & symptoms of LUNG CANCER you shouldn’t ignore

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Lung cancer is one of the most common diseases among smokers. While we know about the major risk factors, we know little or nothing about the common signs and symptoms of lung cancer, which can help us make a more accurate diagnosis.

A popular study found that treatable lung cancer has a 50% chance of survival if it is diagnosed before it spreads to other parts of the body. Therefore, early detection is the key to a successful recovery, and let’s take care of ourselves about the symptoms of lung cancer.

Common symptoms –

1) Shortness of breath

Difficulty breathing and frequent shortness of breath may indicate the presence of cancer cells in the lungs.

2) Chronic cough

Although there may be various causes such as air pollution, seasonal changes and adverse effects of other diseases. Chronic cough is one of the main symptoms of lung cancer, so it should be taken seriously.

3) Shoulder, back and bone pain

Pain in the joints, back, shoulders, and hips is sometimes associated with a weakened immune system caused by lung cancer.

4) Unexplained weight loss/loss of appetite

Patients with this disease had no interest in food, and few of them could not explain the sudden weight loss.

5) Blood when coughing

Blood-colored sputum (phlegm or sputum) is one of the first signs of lung cancer.

6) Changes in face and voice

Cancer patients have a slightly hoarse voice and a swollen face.

7) Body swelling. Especially the fingertips

Tumors in the neck, clavicle, or fingertips may indicate lung cancer.

8) Recurrent infections

Due to damage to the immune system, our bodies are susceptible to various respiratory and respiratory infections. Some of the recurring infections caused by lung cancer are pneumonia, asthma, and jaundice.

9) Nervous symptoms

Cancer cells are more likely to spread to the nervous system. It affects the nervous balance and causes headaches, seizures, dizziness, balance and behavior changes.

Immunotherapy against lung cancer

Treatment of advanced lung cancer. Immunotherapy is a treatment that boosts the immune system and produces antibodies that help kill cancer cells in the body. Cancer Healing Center is India’s leading immunotherapy center and is considered the best lung cancer hospital. Countless success stories of lung cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy at the Cancer Center support this.

To learn more about lung cancer symptoms and immunotherapy, contact the Cancer Center.

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