Easy summer recipes to try

The summer season is soon approaching our doors and windows, so we have to search in the fridge for selected and exquisite dishes. Many of us want to lose weight until vacation to look attractive in a swimsuit, which is why we start dieting now. The Easter meal did not help us at all. We thought to help you with 3 easy recipes that you can try without regret. Discover them in the following lines!

The first recipe is called “Oats Leave Overnight”. An ultra-complete version of protein, fruit, nuts, or whatever else you enjoy eating cold and ready to eat in the morning to cool you down and fill you up with energy. The recipe is super simple and super fun and allows you to throw in your bowl of cereal however you like, putting your creativity in terms of tastes and combinations to work.

So we take a bowl of the right size depending on the portion size we want to eat, a bag of oats, plant-based milk, yoghurt or cow’s milk, according to preferences, tolerances and of course a bunch of vegan ingredients we like.

Here we include blueberries, almonds, hazelnuts, chia seeds, and seasonal fruits (strawberries, bananas, nuts, berries, maybe even watermelon). We start with oats, milk or yogurt. We give them an edge by mixing well, then we include the hazelnuts and fruit. Here’s a little tip, if you prefer crunchy foods, you’ll add them on top, because as the recipe name says “Oats Overnight” allows all the ingredients to come together in a perfectly cold summer porridge oatmeal.


The second recipe is called a “smoothie bowl” which has a slightly different dynamic than the juice idea. That is, we take the previous idea only to reinterpret it a little with the help of a food processor that cuts and chops everything to our liking. Specifically, we put in the blender some fruits of our liking with a little orange juice or even yogurt, and then we season this juice with hazelnuts, muesli, chia seeds, goji berries or maybe a little peanut butter. Then it’s ready to serve at room temperature or cold, if desired.

Avo toast

And last but not least, Avo Toast, a true summertime treat. Quickly fry a slice of bread with cereal in the pan, spread a baked avocado on it, sprinkle a few chili flakes, or hurry to lay an egg, or if skill is not in our service, we make it important and then cut it into slices. Then add a few slices of smoked salmon, and “le grand ale” add a little extra virgin olive oil and high-quality balsamic vinegar.

In conclusion, it is easy to prepare healthy and delicious snacks if you have a little imagination and want to go out of style. If you don’t feel inspired in the kitchen, you can always document yourself online. These are 3 easy summertime recipes that you should try without any excuse that they are difficult to prepare.

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