Fasting cake recipe from Ioana Ginghina. Raw vegan dessert without bread / video

  • An easy way to prepare a fasting cake
  • Ioana Ginghină offers the recipe step by step

The Easter fast is the longest and longest fasting of the year, but there are always alternatives in terms of dishes. Actress Ioana Ginghină has chosen to offer fans a recipe for a chocolate brownie, a raw, vegan, no-bake fast. You only need a few ingredients, and the preparation is very simple.

Ingredients for Ioana Ginghina’s Fasting Cake Recipe

300 grams of cashews left to hydrate in water for an hour
80 gm cocoa butter
200 gm coconut butter
230 ml vegetable milk
Two tablespoons of cocoa
130 grams honey
a banana

How to prepare

First of all, put the wet cashews in a blender, then add the vegetable milk. Start mixing later, adding more plant milk if needed.

Then add cocoa, coconut butter, cocoa butter and honey, depending on the degree of sweetness you want to get from the chocolate, and finally add the vanilla extract and start mixing it in a blender or blender.

Put baking paper on a tray and cut a banana on the edge of the tray. Pour the pre-made whole formula into the tray and leave it in the freezer for a few hours, even overnight if desired.

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