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Some of the things we use every day have different purposes, while others are special and rare. Many question the motives of these passages; For example, do you know what small pockets on women’s clothing are for? 6 things we use every day and specific parts of them that inspire us.

Your underwear pocket
Includes a women’s garment pocket for added convenience. This cape is made of fine cotton fabric and is unstitched to make you look better.

Gem-encrusted dimples in the backpack

These holes were used as outdoor climbing equipment and allowed backpacks to be attached with little effort.
a stain on a hat
This part of the hat appeared among French sailors in the 19th century. At that time, cabins on boats had low ceilings and balloons were installed for safety. Later, the ball was sewn into a unique detail. These days the ball is used only as a fancy component.

stripes on pants
Trouser lines first appeared in Europe in the late 19th century. After the friendship, the pants were torn apart and sent on a long and arduous journey to the countries of the world. His pants are always scratched, even if he is many kilometers away from home. Sooner or later, people recognized them and now they are a part of every pantsuit party.

streaks in toothpaste
Many people believe that the lines on the toothpaste indicate the nature of the product, but they are actually scanner labels. According to manufacturers, standardized identification is used on machines that create packaging and cut pipes.

Discovery in Candy Stick
The holes in the candy stickers allow the candy to stick a little. In the middle of processing, a hole is made with a stick, and caramel is placed on top.

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