If Your Body Suddenly Jerks While You Are Falling Asteep. This Is What it Means

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It seems that no matter how many times it happens to me, it never gets better or seems less irritating.

You know, you start to drift off into the world of dreams, but just as you’re about to fall head first into this deep sleep, you start to fall or something hits you in the face, suddenly and amazingly waking you up from your dreams. way.

I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered about this strange phenomenon, but I’ve always wondered why it happens. Apparently this happens to people on a regular basis.

And scientists have finally figured out what that means. They even gave him the official name “hypnic jerk”.

Everyone describes the hypnotic streak differently, but the common experience is that it’s like falling. Ironically, it is also described as a demon that suffocates you in your dreams.

Researchers believe that several external factors, such as caffeine and tobacco, can increase the frequency of hypnotic jerks. They recommend avoiding caffeinated beverages if you’re just a few hours away from going to bed.

It has also been found that drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin can have similar effects, and sleep deprivation has also been found to cause these phenomena.

Hypnic twitching is most commonly seen when a person falls asleep quickly, during or after being overexerted. In the rare cases where the body is truly exhausted, the brain processes the stages of sleep too quickly and becomes confused into thinking that the body and its major systems have failed.

In response, it wakes you up by releasing chemicals that the brain can interpret and then creates sleep designed to wake you up, which is the basic premise of the “hypnic jerk” theory.

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