Mushrooms should not be stored in airtight plastic containers. Stop throwing away mushroom stems, no matter their variety

Chef Joseph Haddad has debunked some myths about mushrooms.

“Mushrooms are one of the most popular foods in the world, they are found in most kitchens of the world and they are a great source of protein and flavor. Preferred by both vegetarians and vegans, they are a very good type of nutrient. But even so, even if they are cooked by everyone, There are still many myths about its preservation and preparation that are not true.

Once purchased, mushrooms are not stored in airtight plastic containers. It has a high water content (80-90%), which evaporates with age, and a closed vessel will cause that sticky layer to be produced on its surface. That is why they are sold in perforated boxes that allow them to breathe. It is best to keep mushrooms in the refrigerator in paper bags that allow them to breathe and absorb moisture. If you don’t have a paper bag, you can wrap it in paper towels and put them in a bowl. This way, it will last for up to a week.

The idea that mushrooms do not wash is a misconception. They need to be cleaned, just like the rest of the vegetables, especially if you use them raw. But It should not be washed long before use because it does not last long in the refrigerator after cleaning. As for the most common mushroom, mushrooms, it is better to put it in a container with water and rinse it in this way, then wipe it with a towel. The strength of tap water will add unwanted liquid to the spongy texture of the mushroom, but a short bath will not harm it. For more porous mushrooms, it is recommended to brush them and then wipe them with a wet towel,” writes Joseph Haddad in his blog.

“Although it is believed that mushrooms should be cooked over low heat to avoid burning, this is not true because they contain a large amount of water, and this prevents them from burning, but it also remains in the pan if cooked slowly, in order to evaporate and allow the intense aroma to appear, it is recommended Strongly using hot fire. It is also recommended to cook in small quantities at once, so as not to “cook” in the pan when there is a lot,” explained Joseph Haddad.

“If anyone else is about tossing mushroom stems, no matter how varied they are, stop doing it! They are as good as hats. If a recipe only calls for the top, keep the legs and make them a basic soup that you can later use in your blog,” he concluded. Other recipes, like risotto with mushrooms.”

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