objections. “I have a rich girlfriend, whose son went to Mircea in the fourth grade and fell. You want Mirsha! Give 5,000 euros.” “We will give you the recipe in the morning. 1 kg of walnuts”

Old Mercia College

A former school inspector from the Provincial School Inspection Department (ISJ) Constanta was sentenced to two years in prison with suspended work after receiving a bribe of €5,000 last year to facilitate the transfer of a student to a prestigious college. The mother who gave the bribe and the mediator escaped without a criminal record.

Iulia-Cristina Carabancea, a former inspector of primary education at ISJ Constanța, was indicted earlier this year after a complaint filed by DNA. In the complaint, the inspector accused that in the fall of last year she received a large sum to secure the transfer of a fifth-grade student from a middle school to Mercia Sele Patran National College in Constanta.

The student’s college enrollment was already registered when the DNA prosecutor entered the class. The inspector was left speechless due to discussions on WhatsApp with his girlfriend, who brokered bribes.

According to the data in the file, consulted by Libertatea, Inspector Carabancea was a good friend of a businesswoman from Constanta. “The two exchanged intimate thoughts and activities with each other, which indicates that they trusted each other, and at the same time had an influence on each other in accepting requests, requests or suggestions,” prosecutors said in DNA.

In August, the businesswoman wrote to Iulia-Cristina Carabancea on WhatsApp that she had a friend, who is also a businesswoman, whose daughter had missed out on admission to fifth grade at Mircea cel Batran National College in Constanta and wanted anything to get the student there. .

She told the inspector that “for the sake of her daughter’s happiness,” her friend is ready to pay the money to the person who will solve this transfer.

WhatsApp chat:

The conversations on WhatsApp were the ones that gave the inspector a hard time. Image caption via Shutterstock

business woman: “Can we talk about something secret?” I have a rich girlfriend, she gave her fourth son to “Mercia” and he fell. You want Mircha! Give 5,000 euros. think about it. See what you can do. She is rich and she desperately needs to be in Mercia!

Inspector Carabancea: “Leave me alone” and talk. WL! Baby Mercia… what’s his name?
business woman: AA* from School 43.

Inspector Carabancea: get ready. urgent. I hope he wants more. I’ve been stumbling and maybe going out, but I have to move fast.

At first, the two frankly discussed the amount of money offered to facilitate the transfer, but later, in WhatsApp conversations, the bribe was encrypted using the phrases “kilograms of nuts”, “cake” or “cake”.

Shortly before the opening of the 2021-2022 school year, Inspector Carabancea discovered from a meeting of CSI that an additional class for fifth grade would be set up at Mircea College, where students who were initially rejected would be able to register. In order to make sure that no one would replace her daughter, the mother at first withdrew 1,000 euros from her pocket, then another 4,000 and sent it to the inspector Carabancia via her friend.

WhatsApp chat:

business woman“My friend has prepared the cake, just to hand it to you, to tell me the steps and when you want it. How many grams should the cake be ok?”
Inspector Carabancea: ,, tomorrow. We will talk to you this morning. 1 kg of walnuts”

business woman“I’ll see you tonight. Leave me right” First Pound.

“He’s arrived. You see I’m on the left when you come out at the intersection. I take 4 kg of nuts on Monday, I’m with her, if you want tonight I’ll take them and give you tomorrow…”

Inspector Carabancea: “See you Monday”.

The two women admitted that the kilograms of walnuts and cookies actually represented sums of money given as a bribe: 1,000 and 4,000 euros, respectively.

Taking a bribe to pay off his debts

Yulia Cristina Carabancia pleaded guilty to the bribery. He told investigators that he received the money to pay off certain debts. He admitted that he personally took care of writing documents on the student’s transfer, assuring his friend that he would solve everything “without much noise.” Mercia Sele Patran National College of Constanta. Photo: cnmbct.ro

“The court notes that the defendant informed the suspect (his girlfriend – no) of other matters showing that he himself dealt with the transfer of the student, stating, for example, that the mother should go to School 43 and take the transfer documents from there, because the principal was notified From these letters, the court notes that the defendant entered her into the student transfer list herself and at the same time illegally entered her into the list, as no formal transfer request was made from the student’s parents, in order to establish whether he qualifies for such transfer in relation to other students who have the same desire”, as explained in the decision of the Constanta Court.

Released in March

After being informed that he is a defendant in the case, Inspector Carabancea asks DNA to conclude a plea agreement. The request was granted, and prosecutors served a two-year suspended prison sentence and a two-year and six-month probationary period. In addition, he was deprived of the right to hold public office for another year.

The plea agreement was ratified by the Constana court on April 29, but the court’s decision is not final.

Iulia-Cristina Carabanca was released from the position of school inspector in March, when DNA announced a plea agreement.

“Caring for education is no longer a justification for Ms. Yulia Cristina Carabancia to remain in the position of school inspector. I suggested ending the secondment to the Education Department of the Inspectorate with the approval of the Ministry of Education because it is a situation that affects the image of education and therefore it becomes more than normal to take such a measure,” said then the public school inspector in ISJ Constanta, Soren Mihai.

The bribes have survived. DNA: ‘No public interest’

On charges of bribery, the friend of Inspector Carabancia was removed from criminal prosecution. The same thing happened with the student’s mother who offered €5,000 for complicity in bribery. At the end of the investigation, the DNA Prosecution ordered the dissolution of the waiver of the criminal investigation in the case of the two women who had the status of suspect. “There is no public interest in pursuing the facts,” the case’s attorney general said.

“The substance of the act is reduced in terms of seriousness, the act of bribery, and the complicity in it, respectively, out of the suspect’s intent to get work for his daughter, in the fifth grade, in a school in her opinion, who would have been able to provide her with a better school education. (…) And she was The consequences resulting or that could occur are insignificant, given that the enrollment of the briber’s daughter in the coveted college was not done at the expense of any other student, but as a result of the creation of a new class school, into which many other candidates were admitted”, prompted DNA to resolve the abandonment of the investigation criminal.

Prosecutors also argued that the two women had contributed to the truth, in cooperation with investigators from the start, and that there was a “clear disparity between the costs of a criminal case and the seriousness of the crime.”

The Constana court on April 21 confirmed the dissolution of the criminal investigation waiver ordered by the DNA Prosecutor. The court’s decision is final.

The court ordered the confiscation of 5,000 euros. In the case of transfer, no action was taken, given that the student has the right to be registered in the additional class, like other children.

* The student’s name has been hidden to protect her identity due to her age.

Source: Libertatea.ro

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