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When we want to prepare something sweet for a festive day, the ideal solution is a biscuit pudding cake. It’s super easy and only a few ingredients are needed. The candy is unique, polished and has a special look. Buttermilk biscuit cake is the perfect choice for holiday meals, but also when we want to impress our guests with culinary delight. Here is a delicious and delicious homemade dessert recipe.

Pudding cake, an irresistible dessert

The delicious pudding cake is a favorite of many of us. It is good, tasty and refined, it can be easily prepared at home, and in the end we will delight our taste buds with an aromatic dessert. When it comes to delicious homemade cake, housewives compete in all kinds of recipes. Whether made with fruit or chocolate cream and a fluffy lid, or prepared according to traditional recipes, cake is among the favourites of many people.

For lovers of refined sweets, we can prepare a cream flower cake at home, creamy and tasty. If there are children among the guests at the table, then pancakes with baked cheese are perfect.

Cake pudding can also be made on the Easter table with traditional dishes and an indispensable delicate cake. For those who prefer sweets made according to the old recipe, we can quickly prepare rice with milk with apples. This will bring back the flavors of childhood.

For a delicious biscuit cake, we will need a few ingredients and an extra imagination, and in the end we will delight our taste buds with an irresistible homemade dessert.

Recipe for the most beautiful homemade cake

This cookie pudding is made quickly with just a few ingredients. For this delicious dessert we need 500 grams of regular biscuits and candy, 500 ml of milk, 5 tablespoons of sugar, water and cream.

We can choose different types of pudding like strawberry, vanilla or chocolate.

First we boil the milk and then gradually add the sugar. The contents of the pudding bag are poured into a bowl, 100 ml of milk is added and then mixed until a homogeneous creamy composition is obtained. Then add the rest of the milk.

Put a layer of biscuits in a tray, put them next to each other, then sprinkle the first layer with water mixed with sugar so that the delicious biscuits soften and the pudding sticks to them better.

Grease the first layer of biscuits with delicious pudding, and after it becomes uniform, we add another layer of biscuits, and then the pudding again. We do this depending on the size we want for the cookie pudding cake.

In the end, the cake can be decorated with whipped cream and chocolate chips or strawberries and bananas cut into thin slices and placed on top of the last layer of pudding. When ready, put the pudding in the refrigerator to thicken the pudding enough that the cake can be sliced.

We will definitely get the best homemade cake, tasty and delicious. This dessert will captivate the guests and remind them of their childhood.

If we want to prepare something sweet at home for a festive day, the ideal solution is a biscuit pudding cake. It’s super easy and we just need a few ingredients to make an irresistible dessert.

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