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Cancer can attack a person suddenly or have symptoms that indicate that cancer is coming, but stomach cancer is a serious cancer because it affects the esophagus and small intestine.

causes stomach cancer
One of the main causes of stomach cancer in humans is lack of nutrition, and studies in this field have proven that smoking and salty foods have a certain effect on the development of stomach cancer.
A person can get stomach cancer due to genetic factors and someone in the family has had it before.
Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol can cause stomach cancer.
Symptoms of stomach cancer
It is important to detect stomach cancer at an early stage, so that the treatment can be done quickly and the person will not have complications of the disease. The most obvious symptoms of the disease are:

Dyspepsia remains.
Frequent vomiting and nausea
Difficulty swallowing
Loss of appetite is evident
Gastrointestinal bleeding, black stools
Lose weight.
presence of blood in vomiting.
Symptoms of benign stomach cancer
Benign gastric cancer is a cluster of cells in the lining of the stomach. It usually has no obvious signs or symptoms, but a professional can diagnose it. It should be noted that benign stomach tumors may develop in the future. Especially if he does not pay attention, it can cause stomach cancer. There are several simple symptoms that patients should see a doctor for, including:

The presence of blood in the stool.
Abdominal pain on pressing.
I feel bad
If you experience any of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately for a diagnosis.

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