The “prescription” of the Romanian health system: a doctor for thousands of patients. “There were, at one time, doctors who had 10,000 patients.”


Family medicine is slowly but surely disappearing. In the thousands of localities in Romania, health is a luxury, and a doctor is rare. The few family doctors left in the country are divided among the millions of Romanians, ending up with 10,000 patients on the list. It is impossible to take care of everyone. The observer now begins his campaign: the regime is seriously harmful to health.

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“For me, when I go into the mountains, it’s like a release, like escaping from the city. Dude, it’s cool, especially now that I’ve turned green.” advertiser Yulia Marin, G.P. It’s the way Yulia Marin takes to work every day. Dozens of kilometers round trip, patients waiting for her for a week, in mountain villages. “I had nowhere to start, I had the opportunity to start in two countries in Fuchani, where there was a severe shortage of doctors,” advertiser Yulia Marin, G.P. In the Valley of Salt, patients of all ages have been waiting for him since dawn. Children with pneumonia, parents who cannot drive for an hour to Focsani, and elderly people who come for prescriptions and referrals.

According to the latest calculations made before the pandemic, we have lost at least 2,700 family doctors

To deal with this, Julia cycles between two cabinets, separated by a door. Two nurses help her. “As long as the recipe is made there, I don’t waste time, I consult someone else, as long as the recipe is made here, it is there. Tell me!”announced Yulia Marin, G.P. In all, it receives 3000 patients from 6 sites. Without it, people here would not have access to medical services. Romania has thousands of localities that suffer from a shortage of doctors. According to the latest calculations made before the pandemic, we have lost at least 2,700 family doctors. While more than 2,000 moved to France, nearly 3,000 moved to the United Kingdom and many more to the rest of Europe.

“If you divide the population of Romania by the number of doctors, you will see that somewhere at 1800-1802, a lot of patients on average. Some have 4,000, I remember they were at one time, doctors who had 10,000 patients. Between a dead man and a living man, they both live Well “announced Colin Bombolo, College of Physicians. If he must see all of his patients on the list within a month, the family doctor must complete the consultation within 3 minutes. Without taking into account the necessary time for the bureaucracy that is still stifling him. The only solution remains a compromise. Aeolia, for example, arrives in Salt Valley only one day a week.

Out of every 100,000 Romanians, 210 die from treatable diseases

“For citizens, it is advisable to find a doctor every day, but perhaps it will all start from the financial side, so that no one comes to stay voluntarily,” advertiser Valentine Marco, Mayor of Valea Sării. And the future is bleak. Yulia is one of the 10% of family physicians under the age of 40 that we still have. “Currently, approximately 50% of family physicians in Romania are over the age of 61. We’ve had doctors for 80 years.”announced Colin Bombolo, College of Physicians. It is the failure of a system that, in its 16 years of official existence, has passed through the hands of more than 20 ministers. Family medicine should be the basis and candidate for all health in Romania. Instead, it’s a powder keg. On the one hand, there are doctors who are not satisfied with doing too much, and on the other hand, the insurance house blames them for not doing enough. In the middle, people stand in line, humiliated, for a referral, who give up their tests and go to the doctor too late or never.

“This capitalism has taught us to do our best in the least amount of time. In a hurry, in a hurry, and in … I wouldn’t say superficially that I would offend my colleagues and offend what they do.”announced Colin Bombolo, College of Physicians. Lack of trust costs us a lot. Out of every 100,000 Romanians, 210 die from treatable diseases. I mean, I’ve been dying for days. See how much it costs us, see next Thursday at the observatory.

The system seriously harms health

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