The recipe for Transylvania that reminds us of childhood

Smoked potato soup is a popular Transylvanian recipe, especially for our ancestors. In any house where a Roman lives, there is not a week when borsch or soup is not served at the table. The difference between the two is how sour they are. Borsch is acidified as a preparation with borsch extracted from the bran, while the soup is often spoiled with lemon vinegar or even cabbage juice.

Perhaps when I was a kid I didn’t appreciate smoked potato soup as much (or “stew” as Transylvania prefers it), but now most adults prefer it.

Smoked potato soup served on the table
This soup can be served with sour cream and red onions for a more authentic taste

Smoked Potato Soup: Ingredients from Grandma’s Garden

Many of us probably remember this recipe from childhood just sitting and watching our grandmothers boil potatoes and maybe they asked us to peel red onions.

For this preparation we will need the main ingredient, namely smoking. Approximately 1 kg of smoked meat (made of ribs, sticks or smoked sausage) should suffice. We will need about 4 onions. They can be both white and red, but red onions shouldn’t be missing from this delicious dish as they give them flavor and color.

prepared smoked ceolan on the table
Smoked solan is one of the main ingredients of this recipe and can’t be missed

The roots are well known in the preparation of soups, so we found out that for smoked potato soup we will use parsley root, parsley root, celery (not too big nor too small) and 2 carrots. For more taste, we add 2 paprika, a few tablespoons of paprika (about 2 tablespoons) and some salt to taste.

Of course, you can not miss the potatoes from this recipe, even if it is in its name. About 1 kg of potatoes is more than enough.

For those who want to feel the taste and aroma of childhood as alive and strong as possible, you can prepare in addition to the soup portion and some cream with as much fat as possible, a few slices of onion, and even a few drops of vinegar and some tarragon.

root vegetables
The roots are an essential ingredient in any soup

How to make smoked potato soup

We’ll start by boiling the smoked book we’ve chosen. I suggest you buy it from a place where you know for sure that only high-quality meat is sold (as in the country, in the house of grandparents). This will boil vigorously, so it should be the first one we handle. Also, to get as much taste and originality as possible, we will use the water in which the meat is boiled to cook the rest of the soup. If you have used smoked silane, it will boil in about 2-3 hours. Smoked rib has a shorter preparation time. If water falls, it must be filled gradually. If you use sausage, it can be put with vegetables.

In the meantime, let’s take care of the rest of the ingredients. Onions and peppers should be chopped. We can do the same with roots. Potatoes should be cut into cubes and washed well.

Smoked potato soup
For this preparation we will need the main ingredient, which is smoking

The next step is to transfer the water from the meat to a larger saucepan, if we do not do it right away in such a bowl. We put onions, peppers and roots first and we can add more water. All this should be left to boil for a good period of time (about half an hour). We can also add paprika, which is used to add color to the soup.

Potatoes boil faster, so we can only add them for now. After about 20 minutes, if the potatoes are cooked through, the soup is ready!

If you think it is not salty enough, you can sprinkle more salt.

Smoked potato soup is a dance of aromas and a delight for our taste buds that yearn, as it were, to the tastes of grandparents’ childhood.

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