The trick is to make chicken soup obvious. The secret that the best housewives know

Soups and stews are not missing from Roman homes. What trick do the most skilled housewives use to make the soup clear? Chefs use the same thing. How do you prepare the perfect lunch recipe?

Kitchen Trick: How do we get clear chicken soup?

Romanians like to eat soup, meat, or vegetables, which vary by region. However, most of them share a simple recipe for clear soup, which is usually chicken and contains homemade noodles or semolina dumplings. There is a big difference between clear and pure soup.

The first gives everyone a feeling of coolness and is much more appetizing and preferred by many in cool summer. Disruption of the water in the preparation occurs due to coagulated fats and proteins. It is recommended to boil the desired meat over low heat and remove the impurities with a paddle. What the Romanians like most is homemade or purchased pasta soup.

If you are doing everything from scratch, then you need time for the pasta sheet to dry out a little. It is made with egg yolk, flour, salt and a little water and is spread as thin as possible. If you choose to buy them, put them in the water in the middle of the cooking process to complete them.

1 whole chicken
3 islands
2 parsley roots
1 onion
1 slice celery
water for boiling soup
Parsley and celery leaves
Commercial noodles for soup

How to prepare

Boil the desired meat (whole chicken, wings or chops). Simmer everything on low heat for 30 minutes, during which time you are foaming the water with meat impurities and a lot of fat. We cut the carrots into circles, the parsnip roots into small cubes and the celery into similar pieces. Put the onions and the rest of the vegetables only after removing the meat.

You need to make sure the water is clear. You can filter it after the meat is cooked. Bring the ingredients to a boil in the chicken broth and season with salt, then pour in the commercial pasta or you make it yourself.

Let the meat cool and cut it into small pieces to return to the soup, or you can use the pieces in another dish. Some people prefer it with a slightly sour smell, so you can season everything with a little lemon juice. Served with fresh parsley and larch leaves.

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