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People use petroleum jelly or petroleum jelly for various reasons. Some people find that while healing tattoos, it hydrates dry skin, heals chapped lips, soothes burns, and prevents dryness. However, a new study has found that this popular skin care product may not be doing any good for your body. In fact, it does more harm than good.

Petroleum jelly protects the skin and prevents dryness. Depending on the weather, people can use it as a wet cream, oil or cream. People even use it to treat baby diaper rash. But it is not a medicine because it creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Petroleum jelly completely clogs pores and prevents your body’s natural ability to solve the problem. For example, when applied to a burn, it creates heat instead of removing the tissue naturally. Do you want to use jelly? Here are some other reasons why you shouldn’t.

Breaks down skin collagen
When petroleum jelly is applied to the skin, it prevents the skin from breathing. This means that the skin cannot receive nutrients. Long-term use of petroleum jelly requires more collagen to hydrate the skin.

It causes pneumonia
If you continue to use petroleum jelly, you may develop a condition called lipid pneumonia. This happens only when, for example, the body consumes a large amount of petroleum jelly. through your pores. The lungs become inflamed because the body cannot eliminate it on its own.

full of carbohydrates
The skin cannot process petroleum jelly, increasing the risk of various diseases. In theory, petroleum jelly should act as a protective layer, but it interferes with the body’s natural healing process. One study showed that petroleum jelly contains mineral oil hydrocarbons that are very dangerous to the human body.

Do your skin a favor and use natural products like coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. They are all rich in vitamins and minerals that help the body heal naturally. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation and dryness.

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