Ways out of war are systematically blocked

President Joe Biden told senior officials that articles in the US press about how the US is sharing information with Ukraine are “not productive,” NBC reports. Two US officials revealed that President Biden met with CIA Director William Burns and CIA Director Avril Haynes, who were told that US media reports about US intelligence were a “distraction.” to our goal.” Another source told NBC, that the heads of the US agencies came to the conclusion that such leaks in the press must stop.

On May 4, the New York Times wrote that “US intelligence agencies are helping the Ukrainians kill Russian generals.” All American services were reportedly behind the sinking of the main ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Moscow cruiser. The information has not been confirmed and most likely will not be confirmed, but the fact that the New York Times published this article is a huge challenge for Moscow.

The Associated Press reported that the Pentagon and the White House did not deny the details published by the New York Times, but they tried to downplay the importance of this information exchange with Ukraine, saying that it does not target specific targets.

The same was confirmed by the head of the CIA, William Burns, in a rare interview with the Financial Times, published the day after the meeting with Joe Biden. It was an attempt to “fix” the leak in the New York Times a few days ago. “You published information that the United States provided the Ukrainians with information that helped them attack the Russian generals, and 12 generals were killed. How do you comment on this information?” That is the Financial Times question. “We knew it simply at the time. It’s risky, it’s dangerous when people talk a lot about specific media activities, whether they’re doing it in secret or in public. “The White House and the Pentagon have talked about this and I have nothing to add,” Burns said. The CIA director gave credit for the strikes against Russian generals for the Ukrainian services: “It is a big mistake to underestimate the capabilities of the Ukrainian intelligence services. It is their country. They have more information than us and more information than the allies of the United States.” Putin is “in a position where he does not believe he can afford to lose.”

The New York Times wrote that “the United States has focused on providing location information and other details related to the mobile headquarters of the Russian army, which are often relayed. Ukrainian officials confirmed these geographic details with their own information – including from intercepted communications about the presence of high-ranking Russian officers.” level – and carried out artillery strikes and other attacks, killing Russian officers,” the New York Times wrote. May 4. The newspaper reported that US officials denied that this information exchange was intended to keep Russian generals off the front lines.

She added, “The administration wanted to keep this information secret, so as not to escalate it, and not to provoke President Vladimir Putin to extend the war. US officials did not say how they collected the information, so as not to reveal the methods used. But US intelligence agencies used several sources, including military and commercial satellites, to track the movements of Russian troops,” the New York Times wrote.

“Not all the attacks were launched with the support of the US services. The attack was not organized on the site in eastern Ukraine, where the chief of staff of the Russian army, General Valery Gerasimov, was located, with the help of the US services, according to a number of officials. Officials said, “The states did not disclose The United States provided information on the most important Russian military leaders.” But the newspaper says: “American services played a decisive role in eliminating other generals, officials said.”

An opinion piece published by CNN on May 11, a week after the New York Times was revealed, shows that “Putin’s current dilemma has been JFK’s biggest concern.” After the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK said, “We must avoid confrontations that put the adversary in a position to accept either a humiliating withdrawal or to start a nuclear war.” Kennedy succeeded in negotiating with Nikita Khrushchev a solution for Russia to withdraw its missiles from Cuba without giving the impression that it had taken a step back from the United States.

Journalist Pat Buchanan notes that now, 60 years later, there is no contact between American and Russian leaders. “We have publicly praised President Vladimir Putin for bragging about how he helped us assassinate Russian generals and sink the cruiser Moskva. We challenge him to strike back, raising the possibility of a full-scale war between the United States and Russia, which could become World War III. Furthermore The way the United States brags about it supports Putin’s view that Moscow is not confronting Ukraine, but a U.S.-led coalition that wants to crush Russia,” Buchanan wrote.

Why do we go beyond the help we give the Ukrainians to defend themselves, why do we make this war an American war?” Buchanan asks. (The congressional aid approved by Congress on May 10 was more than $33 billion—the amount requested by the Biden administration, which would have been the most consistent assistance to another country in U.S. history anyway. Congress approved $40 billion, of which 20 One billion dollars will go to the US military-industrial complex for the delivery of weapons to Ukraine).

Pat Buchanan doesn’t just talk about the leaks in the New York Times. He also referred to the Pentagon chief’s statement in Kyiv: “We want to see that Russia is so weakened that it can no longer do things like invade Ukraine.” Then comes the visit of Kyiv Speaker of the House of Representatives in the US Congress Nancy Pelosi. “America supports Ukraine. We will support Ukraine to victory,” said Pelosi, a Democrat who accompanied Pelosi in Kyiv. “The United States participated in the victory.” Added to these statements is the resolution proposed by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, according to which Russia is declared “A sponsor of terrorism.” Until the US Congress debates the proposal, the parliament of Lithuania, a NATO ally, voted unanimously on Tuesday on a motion describing Russia’s actions in Ukraine as “genocide” and “terrorism” and calling for the creation of an international Nuremberg-style tribunal to try Russian leaders. The Lithuanian Prime Minister supported this proposal and shows that the Russian forces deliberately choose civilian targets when carrying out the bombings. So we must not forget that President Biden described his Russian counterpart as a “criminal” before invading Ukraine. He then described him as a “criminal dictator”, a “butcher”, and “War criminal,” “genocide,” and he said, “For God’s sake, he can’t stay in power.”

“This language aims to portray Biden as the world’s most anti-power and immoral leader. But, in addition to the general praise that US agents help the Ukrainians sink Russian ships and kill Russian generals, the effect is to deny the US president any role in negotiating the Armistice or ending the war.

“President Zelensky would like the United States to go to war with Kyiv, to destroy and defeat the Russian army, and to remove Russia not only from the now-conquered territories, but also from Crimea, annexed by Putin in 2014. America’s vital interests in But this war is going on About preventing a war between the United States and Russia. Russia’s goal of defeat is secondary, and much less important than avoiding war with Russia. The United States has an interest in reaching peace negotiations quickly. Buchanan cautioned that this goal rules out imposing humiliating terms on Russia, which would It leads to a military escalation of Putin’s political survival.”

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